Get complimentary storage with Underground Cellar, the industry’s most innovative wine storage solution and marketplace


We now offer complimentary wine storage with one of our most trusted partners, Underground Cellar. All you need to do is join our wine club or order online and email letting me know you want your wines stored instead of shipped.

This is a new, innovative way to store wine during the hot months (wine doesn’t like heat!) and beyond and keep it stored in perfect conditions. In addition, we are opening up their site to you for great offers on our wines and others, too. We are truly excited to bring this new way to buy and store our wines to you!   




Through partnership with Underground Cellar, a leading wine technology platform, we have developed a program that brings the most advanced wine storage tools to you at no cost in addition to discounted shipping pricing. 

Why Underground Cellar? We partnered with Underground Cellar because they provide an unrivaled experience, storing 600k bottles for over 25k members. Plus they are the most trusted wine marketplace with over 6,000 unique wine labels sold every year on their platform. Best of all, they put wineries like us first by upholding winery brand value (they never discount our wines). We love them and we know you will too!

How does it work?

  1. Whenever you purchase wines online or through your club membership, your wines will be automatically transferred to your own wine locker at no cost in Underground Cellar’s temperature controlled and fully insured facility in Napa Valley.
  2. Underground Cellar will automatically create your account and send you an email to log in and access your wines online. If you already have an Underground Cellar account, your email will be used to add your wines to your existing wine locker. 
  3. You can store your wine for as long as you want or ship it right away. When you’re ready to ship, simply log in to your account and create a shipment from among your favorite wines. You can ship whenever you want. 
  4. You can purchase directly from the 6,000 unique wine labels sold on Underground Cellar’s marketplace each year. Every purchased bottle will automatically be transferred to your wine locker and stored at no cost.

What do you need to do?

The first step is to pick your wines. Then email us the bottles and the quantities you would like to order here with the message “Store with Underground Cellar”.

We will send you a link to purchase the bottles and your wine will be sent to your personal wine locker (“CloudCellar'') and will be available to view and manage online within 48 hours of purchase. Now rest at ease - All wine is stored and fully insured in Underground Cellar’s temperature-controlled facility in Napa Valley.


Special offer:

To help you start your cellar, we are even offering 3 FREE bottles of Hand of God wines (a White Blend, an Old Vine Malbec and a Syrah) when you purchase any 3 additional bottles!  We think this will change how you buy and store wine forever!

If you have any questions please contact us HERE and we will get right back to you. Thanks and welcome to a new era of wine enjoyment!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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