Creating Unforgettable Moments  

Hand of God - Mano de Dios - was born of a friendship rekindled and a shared love for a country brimming with beauty and unparalleled cultural riches. Privileged with rustic and diverse landscapes, Argentina boasts steep mountains, lush vegetation, extreme deserts, sparkling glaciers, and flowing waterfalls. Our wines are meant to evoke this sense of place: the mystery, magic, history, the earth and the sun - an incredible terroir you can taste on your tongue, and feel in your heart. Mano de Dios was also an unforgettable moment in Argentine history with their 1986 World Cup win, a moment collected and shared in friendships, family, romance and, most certainly, wine.


What inspires Hand of God?

We are inspired by many things, seen and unseen.  We collaborate with those who are passionate about what they do, see, feel, hear, smell and taste. Food, travel, imagination, kindness, nature, and extraordinary moments in time inspire us.

Why Mendoza, Argentina?

Situated in central-west Argentina is the Cuyo Region, home to the tallest peak outside of Asia, Mount Aconcagua, and a highly productive grape growing region.

How does Hand of God Inspire YOU?

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